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The Ballbra

The Ballbra

The Ballbra is comfortable and soft to the touch and leaves the penis area free for movement. Each Ballbra user can make the decision to leave the penis free, or to tuck it away within the Ballbra pouch.

Finally it is here.

Children’s Cold Medicine Pointless & Dangerous

Children’s Cold Medicine Pointless & Dangerous
The FDA forgot to test the effectiveness of cold remedies aimed at children under the age of 6, 40 years later it decides to review the decision and advises parents not to use them because they are ineffective and dangerous.This is an understandable mistake to make because the FDA obviously has more important concerns than the health of our children. In the coming month the FDA is expected to make a more official recommendations regarding children’s cold medicines.

Viral Learning Center

Viral Learning Center

Take a course a the Viral Learning Center if you want to create a great viral video! This is a great parody video that points out the desperate race to create great viral videos that is spreading around the traditional media world. It was produced to promote which is a new video sharing site run by the US cable operator Comcast.

Ziddio will hold contests that are brand sponsored and will ask users to submit their videos for a chance to win a prize or even have their video shown on TV.

Pubic Hair Dye

Pubic Hair Dye Kit

This is the world’s first hair dye kit designed especially for pubic hair or ‘the hair down there’ as the packet says. Apparently the release of the Betty Beauty range of pubic hair dye kits this summer has made the impossible possible for women all over the world.

Regular hair dye is too toxic for use ‘down there’ so company founder Nancy Jarecki went on a quest to research and develop a solution to the mismatching hair problem. With the help of a chemist, a toxicologist and a gynaecologist she developed a non-drip, non-toxic product and came up with the Betty euphemism and the rest was history. Continue reading

Tamiflu Gets ‘Delirium’ Health Warning

The ‘slightly effective’ flu drug Tamiflu will now carry a health warning after around 100 cases of delirium were reported by users in Japan. The drug which is being used to limit outbreaks of bird flu in Asia is also being heavily promoted as a treatment for general flu in the US.

Wikipedia describes delirium as a ‘decline in attention-focus, perception, and cognition’ and the cases reported in Japan were mainly from children and involved confusion, self-harm and in some extreme cases suicide.

It seems Roche is eager to influence your children in some way with Tamiflu considering it recently funded the children’s film ‘Happy Feet’.

TV Networks Ban Ad Skipping Ads!

Now this is interesting. Free to air and pay TV networks in Australia have banned an advert from LG that promotes the ‘ad-skipping’ facility of its new range of TV’s.

The ads feature TVs with a built in hard drive than enables users to pause, rewind or forward TV shows as they air. It also shows people how the TV can be used to jump forward to skip ads!

Roche’s Heavy Promotion Of Tamiflu

Roche Tamiflu

What should a pharmaceutical company do when it realises it has spent billions of dollars in R&D to come up with an anti-flu drug that is only slightly effective? Well Roche, the makers of Tamiflu, have decided the best thing to do is increase its advertising campaign for the drug.

Tamiflu is an antiviral drug that is supposed to be taken at the first signs of flu to reduce the severity and duration of symptoms. A single treatment will cost around $80 but the drug has come under fire for only being modestly effective, maybe only reducing symptoms by 1 or 2 days. Critics say the real benefit of using Tamiflu is only when there is a genuine flu epidemic such as a break out of avian flu when the drug should be circulated to minimise the transmission of the new strand of virus.

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Healthy Food? This Grocer Doesn’t Think So

Hannaford Brothers

Recent healthy eating trends have seen an onslaught of new food brands hit the market that claim to be healthier than a morning run, we have snacks made from oats and microwave meals that will solve all of your health problems and still only take 60 seconds to ‘cook’.

But one small chain of grocery stores has decided to step in and help customers judge for themselves whether or not those OatDonuts really are healthy. The chain is Hannaford Brothers which is based in New England and says it is responding to consumer confusion regarding the health claims made on food labelling. Continue reading

Japan: Deepresso Coffee Drink

Deepresso Coffee Drink

The business of branding in Japan probably creates some of the most unique imagery in the world and hopefully we will be bringing you some examples here as time goes by. A nice place to start is this coffee drink that seems to promise more than just a caffeine boost, ‘Deepresso’ is owned by Coca-Cola and is part of a general trend of brand names that appear strange to western minds.

Hopefully it won’t give any ideas to the pharmaceutical companies who make anti-depressants. At least we’ll know what to expect if Eli Lilly ever merges with Coke.


Toothpaste Ads On Coke Vending Machines

Coke Teeth Ad

This Perlodent toothpaste ad finds a good niche by targeting people who have rotting teeth because they often have the urge to buy coke at vending machines. The mouth is a bottle opener and suggests that people with strong teeth would be able to open a coke bottle with their front teeth. Not sure if this is real, but it makes a good point.


World Debates Ban On Kids Junk Food Ads

Junk Food Kids

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is to hold a conference for health ministers at the end of the month where it will urge them to sign up to an anti-obesity charter stating that children should not be “exploited” by food companies. The main policy aim is to ban advertising for unhealthy foods aimed at children and adolescents, the WHO says “Special attention needs to be focussed on vulnerable groups such as children and adolescents, whose credulity should not be exploited by commercial activities.”

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Good Stuff: Wrigley’s Extra White Gum Coffee Cup Ads

Wrigleys Starbucks Stickers

This quirky advertising idea was the result of a marketing brief that wanted to promote Wrigley’s ‘Extra White’ gum with minimal financial outlay. The idea has been named ‘Extra Smile’ and is simply a round sticker for the bottom of Starbucks coffee cups that will get you noticed each time you take a gulp.

The person actually drinking the coffee generally won’t notice the sticker but will probably have more of a yellow teeth issue than passers by.

The Truth About Junk Food Adverts

The truth about junk food advertising is that the part they show in the ads is the food and the thing you get in real life is the junk. This fact is being explored at where food ads are compared in great detail to the actual product with some interesting results.

Bad Food Ads

Our favourite is Taco Bell’s Cheesy Gordita Crunch that looks so appealing in the advert, with its perfect cuts of lettuce and delicate cheese arrangement. points out the high expectations you might have after seeing the adverts and the photo of the actual item illustrates perfectly how crazy junk food adverts are.


Nude Models Used To Sell Coffins

nude Coffin

Sex has been used to sell everything from gum to gadgets but this has got to be the most insane use. Italian coffin maker has been using naked girls to promote its ‘fashion line’ of coffins for some years now and has even released 5 sexy coffin calendars. The 2007 calendar uses the tag line ‘The Last 2 Let You Down’ and features calendar girls who are probably used to posing with Ducatis and Ferraris.

Check out whats on offer:

Stile Impero Coffin Continue reading

Buy Axe And GET LAID

Axe is trying to convince men of the world that spraying its fumes on your armpits will result in more sex with better looking females. Everyman wants more sex without actually having to make an effort to get some, so all you need to do is watch an Axe advert and the answer will pop into your head.

Axe Tunnel Advert

This Axe tunnel advert says it straight, Axe will get you where you want to go. The TV adverts have the same sneaky message and will be followed by ads for even more magical diet pills and, to complete the life changing transformation, antidepressants.

McDonald’s Launches Nutrition Facts Label


McDonald’s has executed its latest corporate tactic in trying to convince the world that junk food is not junk by launching food labelling in New Zealand and Australia. The low key launch in these isolated markets is obviously a test launch as the company prepares itself for a worldwide launch of nutritional labelling.

McDonalds Nutritional Facts

The McDonalds cheeseburger is probably the ‘healthiest’ burger they have because it only weighs in at an unsatisfying 106 grams. But as the McDonalds nutritional label shows, you get 13.4 grams of fat which includes 6.4 grams of saturated fats. What they don’t show on their nutritional labelling is how much of the non-saturated fats are actually trans-fats which are the worst types of fat. We all know the real reason McDonald’s has taken this step is because its sales fell sharply in 2000 and its shareholders were demanding a change.

McDonalds Nutrional Facts

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New Cocaine Energy Drink – Loaded With… Caffeine

What’s in a name? Well there’s not much in this energy drink, called ‘Cocaine‘ and tagged with ‘The Legal Alternative‘ it is a Red Bull type drink that is loaded with caffeine. Once you’ve heard of this drink you probably won’t forget it, so in branding terms, the gimmick has worked.
Cocaine Drink

Jamey Kirby, the drink’s British creator, says the name for the drink Cocaine, came to him in the middle of the night. He describes the drink’s taste as a “fruity, atomic fireball”.

The smart thing about this drink is that they have gone further than just the ‘Cocaine Energy Drink’ branding, they have a second USP which is the 280 milligrams of caffeine per can. Continue reading

Cillit Bang Advertising with ‘Barry Scott’

Cillit Bang‘ is a brand owned by the $9 billion consumer products super power Reckitt Benckiser and has been pushed down our necks in a multi-million dollar TV advertising campaign. It’s a household cleaning product probably the same as all the rest in the $15 billion industry. In the USA, Canada and Australia it os known as ‘Easy-OFF BAM‘ but uses the same sneaky branding techniques.

Barry Scott with Cillit Bang

Reckitt Benckiser has a clear strategy behind its branding of Cillit Bang: it wants to create a feeling about this product as if it is an obscure company that has come into its luck by discovering this ‘amazing and new’ cleaning product. It has achieved this in part by using TV commercials that mimic the infomercials that are used to sell genuinely obscure products like Continue reading