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Weird brands and even weirder adverts.

The Ballbra

The Ballbra

The Ballbra is comfortable and soft to the touch and leaves the penis area free for movement. Each Ballbra user can make the decision to leave the penis free, or to tuck it away within the Ballbra pouch.

Finally it is here.

Pubic Hair Dye

Pubic Hair Dye Kit

This is the world’s first hair dye kit designed especially for pubic hair or ‘the hair down there’ as the packet says. Apparently the release of the Betty Beauty range of pubic hair dye kits this summer has made the impossible possible for women all over the world.

Regular hair dye is too toxic for use ‘down there’ so company founder Nancy Jarecki went on a quest to research and develop a solution to the mismatching hair problem. With the help of a chemist, a toxicologist and a gynaecologist she developed a non-drip, non-toxic product and came up with the Betty euphemism and the rest was history. Continue reading

Cillit Bang Advertising with ‘Barry Scott’

Cillit Bang‘ is a brand owned by the $9 billion consumer products super power Reckitt Benckiser and has been pushed down our necks in a multi-million dollar TV advertising campaign. It’s a household cleaning product probably the same as all the rest in the $15 billion industry. In the USA, Canada and Australia it os known as ‘Easy-OFF BAM‘ but uses the same sneaky branding techniques.

Barry Scott with Cillit Bang

Reckitt Benckiser has a clear strategy behind its branding of Cillit Bang: it wants to create a feeling about this product as if it is an obscure company that has come into its luck by discovering this ‘amazing and new’ cleaning product. It has achieved this in part by using TV commercials that mimic the infomercials that are used to sell genuinely obscure products like Continue reading