Fed Up With Clogged Toilets, Right?

Scott Clog Clinic

We came across this gem of an idea over at AdRants.com and just had to say something about it. The best marketing ideas always target a specific group of people and this one does just that, this is for all you folks who are tired of dealing with a blocked toilet each time you take a big dump.

The idea is pretty simple, a toilet paper that dissolves quicker than other papers reducing the risk of clogging and as their site says taking ‘the fear out of flushing‘. The funny thing is that the brand owner, Kimberly-Clark, spends millions each week promoting the strength and thickness of its regular Scott brand of toilet paper and now wants to promote a brand on its lack of strength and thickness. Maybe its best to buy the cheap ass toilet paper if you regularly find yourself having to deal with a clogged toilet.