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Children’s Cold Medicine Pointless & Dangerous

Children’s Cold Medicine Pointless & Dangerous
The FDA forgot to test the effectiveness of cold remedies aimed at children under the age of 6, 40 years later it decides to review the decision and advises parents not to use them because they are ineffective and dangerous.This is an understandable mistake to make because the FDA obviously has more important concerns than the health of our children. In the coming month the FDA is expected to make a more official recommendations regarding children’s cold medicines.

World Debates Ban On Kids Junk Food Ads

Junk Food Kids

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is to hold a conference for health ministers at the end of the month where it will urge them to sign up to an anti-obesity charter stating that children should not be “exploited” by food companies. The main policy aim is to ban advertising for unhealthy foods aimed at children and adolescents, the WHO says “Special attention needs to be focussed on vulnerable groups such as children and adolescents, whose credulity should not be exploited by commercial activities.”

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