Pubic Hair Dye

Pubic Hair Dye Kit

This is the world’s first hair dye kit designed especially for pubic hair or ‘the hair down there’ as the packet says. Apparently the release of the Betty Beauty range of pubic hair dye kits this summer has made the impossible possible for women all over the world.

Regular hair dye is too toxic for use ‘down there’ so company founder Nancy Jarecki went on a quest to research and develop a solution to the mismatching hair problem. With the help of a chemist, a toxicologist and a gynaecologist she developed a non-drip, non-toxic product and came up with the Betty euphemism and the rest was history.

If you feel inspired to change your ways then head over to and I guess this is the equivelent for men.

2 thoughts on “Pubic Hair Dye

  1. Jamie

    I love betty beauty and their products! I saw a segment on the show the doctors about betty and they said how safe and great it is to cover grays

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