Good Stuff: Wrigley’s Extra White Gum Coffee Cup Ads

Wrigleys Starbucks Stickers

This quirky advertising idea was the result of a marketing brief that wanted to promote Wrigley’s ‘Extra White’ gum with minimal financial outlay. The idea has been named ‘Extra Smile’ and is simply a round sticker for the bottom of Starbucks coffee cups that will get you noticed each time you take a gulp.

The person actually drinking the coffee generally won’t notice the sticker but will probably have more of a yellow teeth issue than passers by.

5 thoughts on “Good Stuff: Wrigley’s Extra White Gum Coffee Cup Ads

  1. Gypsy Woman

    My Starbucks cups have only been xmas-festive lately. No signs of that weird sticker. I will notify at once when I get a cup with a sticker.

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