McDonald’s Launches Nutrition Facts Label


McDonald’s has executed its latest corporate tactic in trying to convince the world that junk food is not junk by launching food labelling in New Zealand and Australia. The low key launch in these isolated markets is obviously a test launch as the company prepares itself for a worldwide launch of nutritional labelling.

McDonalds Nutritional Facts

The McDonalds cheeseburger is probably the ‘healthiest’ burger they have because it only weighs in at an unsatisfying 106 grams. But as the McDonalds nutritional label shows, you get 13.4 grams of fat which includes 6.4 grams of saturated fats. What they don’t show on their nutritional labelling is how much of the non-saturated fats are actually trans-fats which are the worst types of fat. We all know the real reason McDonald’s has taken this step is because its sales fell sharply in 2000 and its shareholders were demanding a change.

McDonalds Nutrional Facts

But McDonald’s is fully aware that their average burger loving customer is already addicted to eating their junk and probably doesn’t know how to understand percentages or can’t come to terms with data that isn’t telling them that burgers are nice. They will look at the label on their cheeseburger and notice that it only contains 26.5% of their daily intake of saturated fat, so they could get away with eating 3 more.