Buy Axe And GET LAID

Axe is trying to convince men of the world that spraying its fumes on your armpits will result in more sex with better looking females. Everyman wants more sex without actually having to make an effort to get some, so all you need to do is watch an Axe advert and the answer will pop into your head.

Axe Tunnel Advert

This Axe tunnel advert says it straight, Axe will get you where you want to go. The TV adverts have the same sneaky message and will be followed by ads for even more magical diet pills and, to complete the life changing transformation, antidepressants.

One thought on “Buy Axe And GET LAID

  1. Vitor Rolim

    Hello my name is Vitor Rolim, i’m an art director from São Paulo/ Brazil.
    Actually I did this Ad a few years ago, when I was an assistant on Lowe world wide. And I did it just a few weeks before this other ad appears.

    It was just a joke at the beggining but the client did liked. But there are some govern rules for billboard here that banned the idea.

    Thats so funny to see how a joke like that (I made this image in 10 minutes after my lunch time) can travel trought the web so far.

    Thank you all.

    Vitor Rolim

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