New Cocaine Energy Drink – Loaded With… Caffeine

What’s in a name? Well there’s not much in this energy drink, called ‘Cocaine‘ and tagged with ‘The Legal Alternative‘ it is a Red Bull type drink that is loaded with caffeine. Once you’ve heard of this drink you probably won’t forget it, so in branding terms, the gimmick has worked.
Cocaine Drink

Jamey Kirby, the drink’s British creator, says the name for the drink Cocaine, came to him in the middle of the night. He describes the drink’s taste as a “fruity, atomic fireball”.

The smart thing about this drink is that they have gone further than just the ‘Cocaine Energy Drink’ branding, they have a second USP which is the 280 milligrams of caffeine per can. There is currently no other drink on the market with a caffeine count to match. Find out what 280mg does to you here.

Cocaine Energy Drink
Want to know where you can buy the Cocaine energy drink? Redux Beverages in Las Vegas is distributing the Cocaine Energy Drink and has already come into some problems with trying to convince major stores to stock it. The 7-Eleven chain of stores first agreed to stock the product but has withdrawn the product after receiveing complaints from customers:
‘Our merchandising team believes the product’s name promotes an image which we didn’t want to be associated with.’
We’ll let you know when somebody comes up with the Heroin Popsicle.

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